CryptoCoderz simplifies life for End-Users and the Blockchains they participate in.


Faster Transactions

We updated all of our Blockchains so they are running on the newest versions of QT and all dependencies to provide the most secure system that runs smoothly. Allowing for faster transactions with less strain on the network.


End-User Availability

To often Blockchains make it difficult on the end user to forward their own gain. Whether it be by making the mining difficult, or just not explaining the, selves fully. CryptoCoderz however strives for the end-user. Easy to follow guides, supportive communities, and intuitive designs all help the end-user better understand our Blockchain projects. Resulting in a better community as a whole.


Active Development

We are dedicated to making Blockchain Technology as useful as possible. We have many ideas on ways Blockchain Technology can be used to better today’s society, some of which are being actively developed in a few communities such as our Email system and cloud storage ideas. However what sets us aside from other communities is that our team knows how to implement these ideas together. Not to create single use technologies but rather a complex system that works in harmony with each other.