We are a group of devoted, funloving, individuals that work to provide our users a more robust & intuitive use of Digital Assets

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The Projects

As a team we’ve been involved in numerous projects, some with high expectations, & continue to stand by all of them

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Join Forces

Throughout our time in the Digital Asset realm we’ve always tried to bring people & communities together so that this new technology may flourish

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About us

Who we are

On June 25th 2015 several crypto enthusiasts who had been working together decided to band together under one name which became CryptoCoderz, with the sole intent to clean up the crypto coin community and to restore end-user faith and trust in the system that has proven itself over and over again to be an amazing technological step forward.

CryptoCoderz got its start with o2o, better known as 020Londoncoin, our first official Project. We then transformed into reviving dead coins and broken communities, primarily because we believed in the projects and admired the communities strength to pull through. This has not changed, however we are now focusing on new technology. We have many ideas revolving around how Blockchain technology can surpass our current understanding and be a valuable asset in our day-to-day lives. Our primary goal is to make the end users life with Blockchain technology easy to understand and offer useful technologies to the world.

As our team grows in size and number and can take on more projects and responsibilities we plan to bring on more projects and travel this journey of cryptographic Blockchain technology with everyone together, as it should be, as a community.

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Why work with us

Even after a short time, while everything was in its infancy, our team always sought to unite both user and entire communities alike in the Digital Asset world of blockchains. For the most part all communities and users are very fragmented, there is little unity and most projects die out leaving countless users in loss and doubt of the viability of this new technology. This is clearly no way to grow something with the amount of potential that is associated with it. Communities, projects and users all should be able to work together, interface together while remaining individual/seperate entities at the same time.

What we propose is working with those willing to create blockchain technology that can send encrypted information not just among individual chains but across completely seperate blockchains so as to communicate with them to the extent deemed nessasery by both parties. In doing so new features and systems could be used across multiple platforms and projects as they are released proving to the public that this is the technology that they want.

  • Jonathan Zaretsky

    AKA. Enlisted Ghost

    Lead Developer

    Shortly after entering the crypto scene in late 2014 Jon became aware of vast shortcomings in many of the currently released projects. This led him to search for and to become involved with a group of people who were willing to focus on cleaning up and reviving projects.

  • Jacob Worrell

    AKA. Resurgam

    Web Designer

    Jacob began studying Computer Sciences with web design being the focal point, having a history of working with computer he quickly found a job as an IT manager and got into crypto late 2014. While continuing his studies, he is also starting to build up clients making websites for an added source of income.

  • Johnny

    AKA. Masterbeef

    Graphic Designer

    Johnny worked with CryptoCoderz on a few projects and has quite admirable graphics skills, after some time he’s decided to join the team and assist in our efforts by churning out the creative juices. Most of his work can be seen mainly in Espers while his future work will be visible throughout all other projects

  • Benny Yuen

    AKA. M33Lucky

    Public Relations Ambassador

    Benny was born and raised in Singapore where he started to following Bitcoin in 2010 and continually followed its movements. He then became more interested in Altcoins because they were far more interesting, from than onward he became a trader.Benny has many years of experience in IT systems and has owned businesses such as a Lan shop for gamers.

  • Ctgiant

    Wished to remain anonymous

    Mac Developer/Asst. Developer

    Ctgiant is a renowned member in the Crypto-Community who has proven himself time and time again to be an upstanding citizen. Ctgiant is our Mac developer and has been responsible for every mac client CryptoCoderz has ever released. CryptoCoderz can proudly state that Ctgiant is a talented programmer and is a very dedicated team member who has never wavered his faith in Blockchain technology.

  • Jimmy

    AKA. Madness

    Asst. Developer

    Jimmy was born in Chicago IL, where he has lived ever since. Jimmy has shown himself to be a dedicated team member, who is fluent in java and familiar with various forms of code. CryptoCoderz is proud to say that Jimmy is our Security Analyst.

  • Dan Deacon

    AKA. Obavijest

    Asst. Developer

    With a degree in Network Administration, over 10 years of IT support experience and past administrative roles with cryptographic communities Dan is welcomed member of the team and works closely with the other members in all work done buy our group.

  • Gawlea


    Social Media Specialist

    Being with the group for the past couple months now Gawlea has been a tremendous help in promoting projects and engaging community members overall. Besides just talking about the projects there are always promotions and other enteractive events hosted thank to him.

  • bbobb


    Asst. Developer / Logistics

    Assisting the team with its logistical needs as well as participating in portions of development, CryptoCoderz are greatful to have bbobb now on board as an official member of the team, to receive both the proper credit deserved and to further push developement of the projects at hand.

Services we offer

  • Blockchain development

    We are always building, modifying and working with blockchains which we are proud to offer as a service to others.

  • Service Agreements

    If it’s support you’re looking for we are able to provide solid performance, the details of which are agreed by both parties.

  • Web Design

    Through a joint partnership we are proud to offer handcrafted, professional, responsive website solutions.

  • Node Hosting

    Need more connections? CryptoCoderz offers a wide variety of options for node hosting for any size project.

  • Mining Pools

    Don’t have a pool yet? Drop us a line and see what we can do you get you swimming.

  • Web Hosting

    Thanks to Catlin Computer Soltutions we are able to provide in-house solutions.

Pricing plans

  • Personal

    0.01 BTC

    For individuals looking for a personal project, or just want to be able to test out blockchains.

    • Basic blockchain
    • No support available
    • no additional features available
    • Support can be added for an additional .005 BTC a month
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  • Business

    0.025 BTC

    For Individuals or groups looking for a Blockchain technology to represent.

    • Basic Blockshain
    • Support for the first month.
    • low end additional features (contact us for further information regaurding additional features)
    • Support can be added for an additional .01 BTC a month
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  • Corporate

    1 BTC

    For groups or corperations looking to implement Blockchain technlolgy into their systems or to represent.

    • Fully customized blockchain
    • Support for the first month
    • Additional features to be discussed
    • Support can be added for an additional .025 BTC a month
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Recent News

Website updated once more, new team members! new projects! more stuff to get excited about

Mar 1st2017

CryptoCoderz and Catlin Computer Solutions are no longer working together, the team still plans to offer services however this will be suspended until further notice.

Feb 27th2017

Espers blockchain updated now featuring DarkGravityWave v3 retarget system and a newly designed implementation coined Velocity

Feb 15th2017

Contact section patched on the website, debate continues in the forum for Espers. Be sure your voice is heard!

Oct 26th2016

New website is live! We hope that everyone enjoys it and be sure to check back as there will be periodic updates.

Oct 24th2016

CryptoCoderz officially partners with Catlin Computer Solution, based out of Ridgecrest, CA

Oct 1st2016

We are now offering Data/Cloud storage, Web hosting, Node hosting, and much more!

Oct 1st2016

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