About CryptoCoderz


On June 25th 2015 several crypto enthusiasts who had been working together decided to band together under one name which became CryptoCoderz, with the sole intent to clean up the crypto coin community and to restore end-user faith and trust in the system that has proven itself over and over again to be an amazing technological step forward.

CryptoCoderz got its start with o2o, better known as 020Londoncoin, our first official Project. we then transformed into reviving dead coins and broken communities, primarily because we believed in the projects and admired the communities strength to pull through. This has not changed, however we are now focusing on new technology. We have many ideas revolving around how Blockchain technology can surpass our current understanding and be a valuable asset in our day-to-day lives. Our primary goal is to make the end users life with Blockchain technology easy to understand and offer useful technologies to the world.

As our team grows in size and number and can take on more projects and responsibilities we plan to bring on more projects and travel this journey of cryptographic Blockchain technology with everyone together, as it should be, as a community.

Join us, on this wonderful adventure!


Our Values

Our members stand firm as a team on the basis of five principles which guide our work and our lives every day:

Respectability in the way we present work and ourselves to the world
Loyalty in our dealings with each other and toward our clients and projects
Honesty in our words and endeavors
Commitment to completing our projects and accomplishing our goals
Innovation as the driving force behind everything we do.

These are the values that make us CryptoCoderz.

Our Commitment to the End-user

Everything we do is for the community we serve. We have not forgotten what it takes to be a great team, the community that backs them. We want everyone to benefit from our work in their day to day life; therefore it is our focus to make our products easy to understand and use.


Blockchain technology is transforming how the world interacts. This technoloy has limitless potential use and integration. Cryptocoderz wants to show the world everything that makes Blockchain technology unique by developing new features for day-to-day life.

Meet the Team

We are a team of Dedicated individuals united for a common goal of advancing Blockchain technology.

Some members of CryptoCoderz wish to remain anonymous.

Jonathan Zaretsky

AKA. Enlisted Ghost
Lead Developer
Original Member

Jon is an avid learner and coding enthusiast who heads development of CryptoCoderz’ Blockchain projects. Shortly after entering the crypto scene in late 2014 Jon became aware of vast shortcomings in many of the currently released projects. This led him to search for and to become involved with a group of people who were willing to focus on cleaning up and reviving the crypto scene. This team is now working together to make systems that run properly and make experiencing crypto fun, fair and secure.

Jacob Worrell

AKA. Resurgam
Web Designer/Asst. Developer
Original Member

Jacob was born in Bakersfield CA, in 1994. Jacob has traveled all over the world including Rota, Spain. Where he graduated from high school in 2012. moving on to study computer sciences and website design. After moving back to the states he found a job as IT manager for the local medical clinic. He got into crypto around 2014 and started out with simple website design, then moved into basic development while honing his skills in website design.

Francisco Ribeiro

AKA. CryptoDigger
Partner/Market Annalist
Joined 05/16/2016

Francisco is 28 years old and was born in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. Francisco has been an entrepreneur of sorts since he was little. Francisco started working in his first project at the age of 16 and since then has been involved in multiple startups in many areas. Francisco has gained experience over the years in management, economy, human resources, marketing as well as looking for oportunities in the markets.

Benny Yuen

AKA. M33Lucky
CFO/Market Annalist
Joined 05/16/2016

Benny was born and raised in Singapore where he started to following Bitcoin in 2010 and continually followed its movements. He than became more interested in Altcoins because they were far more interesting, from than onward I became a trader. Benny spent the next four years adjusting and tuning his trading style. Benny has many years of experience in IT systems and has owned businesses such as a Lan shop for gamers. CryptoCoderz would like to welcome Benny as our Chief Financial Officer and trading expert.

Kristy-Leigh Minehan

AKA. OhGodAGirl
Graphic Designer/Creative Writing
Joined 05/27/2016

Has been Wolf0’s right-hand woman for some time now, preferring to stay in the shadows and handle the tasks that Wolf0 detests, such as communication, reverse engineering and PCB design. She’s a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, and dabbles in a little bit of everything, from writing to art to hardware development.


AKA. OhGodAPet
Senior Asst. Programmer
Joined 05/27/2016

Infamous cryptocurrency developer Wolf0, also known as Wolf9466, Wolf´ or sometimes OhGodAPet, is responsible for most miner and algorithm optimizations used by both public and private miners. Well versed in OpenCL, C, AMD GCN and x86 assembly, he’s working with the Cryptocoderz team to bring source code optimizations and feature creation to not only the Espers blockchain, but future Cryptocoderz projects.


AKA. Madness
Asst. Developer
Original Member

Jimmy was born in Chicago IL, where he has lived ever since. Jimmy has shown himself to be a dedicated team member, who is fluent in java and familiar with various forms of code. CryptoCoderz is proud to say that Jimmy is our Security Analyst.


AKA. Monoxide
3D Graphic Designer
Joined 05/16/2016

Tony is our graphic designer who specializes in 3d modeling. He has be involved in Crypto since Late 2013. Tony lives in Finland where he has resided his entire life. He has proven to be a valued member of both our community and team.


Wished to remain anonymous
Mac Developer
Original Member

Ctgiant is a renowned member in the Crypto-Community who has proven himself time and time again to be an upstanding citizen. Ctgiant is our Mac developer and has been responsible for every mac client CryptoCoderz has ever released. CryptoCoderz can proudly state that Ctgiant is a talented programmer and is a very dedicated team member who has never wavered his faith in Blockchain technology.