Cloud Storage is overtaking to world over by providing a convenient way to backup data. However these systems have multiple flaws, one of which is security. Any amount of data over the internet is vulnerable to leaks of information. Another flaw is corruption of data. Anything sent online has a chance to be corrupted as well as anything on a server. However Through Blockchain technology it is possible to achieve all of the desired convenience while maintaining security due to intensive algorithmic encryption and stability as the entire Blockchain self-checks itself acting as a massive “Raid Array”.


This is one of our more complex concepts as it requires the most intensive system. To be able to promise a secure cloud storage is a difficult thing to accomplish because the system has to be able to handle hundreds of gigs being downloaded and uploaded an hour. Not to mention how to be able to hold all that data. Well luckily Blockchain technology already has a solution for this. Blockchains grow by building off of each other in order to verify itself and provide a self-check system. If you utilize this system to check the validity of a large data packet and build off of it, then you would have a system that knows exactly where every bit of information is stored. Making downloads go faster and uploads be more stable. The primary thing CryptoCoderz is focusing on with this project is the ability to view the downloads so the clients have an index of possible downloads as well as a way to store large data packets not just large amounts of small packets.