Contracts are legally binding as we all know, however there are ways that people manage to get out of a contract. The signed contract can get lost or destroyed, the terms might be miscommunicated and the contract simply might not be viewable. Even if a person is bound however, it doesn’t mean that the contracté will follow through with their end of the agreement, causing loss of money on the paying party. However with Blockchain technology these issue can become a trivial matter. Simply by putting a contract on the Blockchain the terms can be readily viewable by anyone with the proper verification, with no worries of damage or loss. Allowing for easy reference and understanding of terms. This also provides payers of a service a financial insurance by keeping the product or payment in a held status until the contract has been fulfilled. Thus causing another layer of assurance of quality.


Using this System we can revolutionize Contracts by provide a fast and secure way to hold accountability. This would allow today’s society to expand deal with faith of follow through commitment. By providing everyone with instant accountability CryptoCoderz believes this would promote trustworthy deals, while at the same time support the community using said system.