Project Description

Hiro is an amazing Blockchain based in Japan, This project is held in high regard by the entire CryptoCoderz team. This is due primarily to the community. The Hiro community has been one our best communities, the amount of gratitude given from the community is heartwarming. The most admirable aspect of the community is the amount of help that the community offers each other, everyone is out to help others which is a refreshing change from most Blockchains.

Should Hiro Change Algo’s?

To our dismay x11 has been programmed into an ASIC miner, this has caused CryptoCoderz and the community behind Hiro to think. Should we stay with x11 or should we switch to HMQ1725 or even some other algorithm all together? Or should we keep x11 and simply deal with the Asic miners? We believe that this is a question that can only be answered by the community itself. So we went ahead and did just that, on the Bitcointalk thread there is a poll as to if we should keep the algorithm or switch. Please let us know what you think.

What have we done?

When Hiro coins original developer left and abandoned his own project and the community backing it, he left because few glitches and errors were not worth his time to fix. However we did no see the coin the same way, we saw a beautiful Blockchain with an amazing community. So we fixed it up, sorted through out the code and did a full Over hall on the source.


X11 is the name of a chained hashing algorithm, which is used to secure the network of cryptocurrencies. It is known as a “chained algorithm” because it uses 11 different algorithms which are chained together.

Veiw hashblock.h

uint512 hash[17];

sph_blake512 (&ctx;_blake, (pbegin == pend ? pblank : static_cast(&pbegin;[0])), (pend - pbegin) * sizeof(pbegin[0]));
sph_blake512_close(&ctx;_blake, static_cast(&hash;[0]));

sph_bmw512 (&ctx;_bmw, static_cast(&hash;[0]), 64);
sph_bmw512_close(&ctx;_bmw, static_cast(&hash;[1]));

sph_groestl512 (&ctx;_groestl, static_cast(&hash;[1]), 64);
sph_groestl512_close(&ctx;_groestl, static_cast(&hash;[2]));

sph_skein512 (&ctx;_skein, static_cast(&hash;[2]), 64);
sph_skein512_close(&ctx;_skein, static_cast(&hash;[3]));

sph_jh512 (&ctx;_jh, static_cast(&hash;[3]), 64);
sph_jh512_close(&ctx;_jh, static_cast(&hash;[4]));

sph_keccak512 (&ctx;_keccak, static_cast(&hash;[4]), 64);
sph_keccak512_close(&ctx;_keccak, static_cast(&hash;[5]));

sph_luffa512 (&ctx;_luffa, static_cast(&hash;[5]), 64);
sph_luffa512_close(&ctx;_luffa, static_cast(&hash;[6]));

sph_cubehash512 (&ctx;_cubehash, static_cast(&hash;[6]), 64);
sph_cubehash512_close(&ctx;_cubehash, static_cast(&hash;[7]));

sph_shavite512(&ctx;_shavite, static_cast(&hash;[7]), 64);
sph_shavite512_close(&ctx;_shavite, static_cast(&hash;[8]));

sph_simd512 (&ctx;_simd, static_cast(&hash;[8]), 64);
sph_simd512_close(&ctx;_simd, static_cast(&hash;[9]));

sph_echo512 (&ctx;_echo, static_cast(&hash;[9]), 64);
sph_echo512_close(&ctx;_echo, static_cast(&hash;[10]));

return hash[10].trim256();

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Project Specs

  • Abbreviation:HIRO
  • Algorithm:X11
  • Max Coins:672,000,000
  • Block Time:60 Seconds
  • Difficulty Retarget Time:UNK
  • Premine:UNK
  • Starting difficulty:0.00024414062
  • Ports:RPC – 9347, P2P – 9348
  • Coins Per Block:20-200
  • Date Founded:March 15, 2014
  • Date of Rebrand:February 10, 2016
  • Current Developer:CryptoCoderz