Jonathan and Jacob of CryptoCoderz work full time in medical information systems. Current medical records lack in both security, stability and speed. We believe that Medical records like any amount of data can be stored on the Blockchain, making current system obsolete. This would make medical records nearly universal and the only things distinguishing them apart would be a secure encrypted network. Thus allowing any medical office or patient to be able to access each others records if they are shared with said participant. Similar to current systems however nobody else would hope to gain access due to the level of encryption providing maximum security.


There are many things to take into consideration when attempting to create a medical software. First of all HIPPA compliance, as medical scenarios are extremely private before we launch this functionality we must abide by an get certified into HIPPA and have a mandatory BAA. However due to the way we plan on implementing this function it will abide by all current HIPPA guidelines and will overtake the medical industry. With all of these in consideration the only issue is implementation and having a system stable enough to handle the amount data that needs to be stored. However we have a plan for just that.

Our Plans

Once the software base is made, all we have to worry about is the amount of data that is going to be stored, viewed, and downloaded on a regular basis. With this in mind we plan on implementing a new node network system that would allow everyone to be securely connected to each other. Thus providing a larger network to house such data on. As the Blockchain can only handle so much data we will also have to utilize our new algorithm system that would allow for more connection at a faster rate.