Scatter is a Proof of Concept that was testing functionality with HMQ. CryptoCoderz believe that other algorithms cannot handle our function implementations therefore we are forced to create a brand new algorithm base. This will be a 100% unique algorithm that we are going to making from scratch. This Algorithm will have multiple secure algorithms within separate groups that are randomly chosen within an array of other algorithms. We are planning on implementing a “Future Hashing” system allowing for a vastly more secure Blockchain. hashblock.c.

         Hashing function is still in Creation.

Unique Features?

Scatter is going to be the primary tool for CryptoCoderz in all new development of functionalities. We believe this will be the most secure algorithm to currently exist. Our future functions will include but are not limited to: Secure Emailing, Web Interfacing, Voting, and App Development. Scatter will also be used for the future Proof Of Reliability system.

Internal Algorithms


The only way to mine this Algorithm is with a CPU. CryptoCoderz believe this will provide for the fairest mining experience for all users. This system will also allow for a more stable and faster process.

CPU Mining Guide