Danzig’s simplex algorithm (or simplex method) is a popular algorithm for linear programming. The journal Computing in Science and Engineering listed it as one of the top 10 algorithms of the twentieth century. The Simplex algorithm CryptoCoderz is going to use is very similar to this algorithm. A simplex is a 4th Dimensional polytope consisting of multiple Tetrahedrons formed around a single Vortex. Our algorithm tries to replicate this phenomenon using intensive mathematical equations.hashingblock.c.



CryptoCoderz plans on using this hashing algorithm to help further scientific research and studies into alternative dimensions. CryptoCoderz is currently designing a system that would allow individuals to mine this algorithm submitting their processing power to further these studies. Our goal for this is to contribute to the scientific community while allowing other communities to get involved, learn and be rewarded for their contribution at the same time.