We believe that Blockchain technology is a great concept, however for the most part it is a waste of power. In the sense that “mining” using extensive computational power that seemingly does nothing for the community. However it easily could benefit the masses by supplying computational power, not just to move a Blockchain but to help scientists to solve and test new findings. There are many resources that could benefit from this amount of computational force driving it, potentially curing diseases by decoding strains of a Protein molecule, or supply NASA with more energy to help their super-computers to scan the universe.

Brief outline

If we managed to synch our blockchain to that of an algorithm to benefit organizations then the amount of hashrate the chain has can literally benefit society in vastly diffrent ways. The biggest hurdles would be to figure a way out to send the computational force ofthe network and base a reward system based solely on discovery. This process would be very difficult to achieve however can be done, all we need is the time to set such a network up and the manpower to test such a network.

Our Plans

This concept is one of our many plans that we need to run extensive testing to verify our theory. However to help us achieve this test we are Planning on making a new algorithm that will be none as “Simplex”, and Algorithm that is based on an equation to test the theory of fourth dimensional objects. Simplex being a fourth dimensional polytope itself.