It seems that everything is connected now, this is primarily due to the Internet allowing everyone to exchange ideas and network out making technology easier to manufacture. However similar to our Email system we believe safety is key. Making websites on the Blockchain shouldn’t be that much of a jump from an HTML hosting server to an email server. If the Blockchain stores information so natively, why not tap into this to store customizable webpages? This can make it easier for people to make webpages who can’t afford a domain, or hosting server. All you need is the tokens needed to permanently implant your webpage into the Blockchain.

Brief outline

Similarly to our Email system, our Site on Blockchain can work in the same manner of using how normal Blockchains work by encrypting small amounts of data from one client and sending it to another via the Blockchain. The file is then saved on the chain and others can view it immediately because they are both synced in real time. If transactions could handle say 50MB of information then you could easily Host a webpage of any smaller size. Then forming a Free-to-Use internet that anybody can freely host webpages that are actually more secure and trusted then the current system.

Our Plans

We plan on perfecting the Emailing system first and then move onto this after because this system can utilize the same principle of the Emailing software. We would simply have to modify the transactions and interfacing to allow for a more stable system optimized for Web interfacing.

Site on Blockchain